1. avatar bluedeba1979
    I am a 30 year old singer/songwriter and been playing in bands for 15 years.

    I want to start an original band (no covers), i need a bass player/ drummer and lead guitarist and keyboardist if possible.

    I have many influences, the main being pearl jam, soundgarden, the frames, dave matthews band.

    I have lots of material to work with but am always willing for others to come and brainstorm.

    No time wasters.

    PM me or email me on declanbailie@btinternet.com
  2. avatar bluedeba1979
    forgot to say i am currently based in belfast
  3. avatar museician
    hi me and my friend are in ballymena if thats ok? anyway we are lookin to start up a band of any kind, maybe a nirvana tribute even, if you like pls email or msn - gilchristbgj@live.co.uk