1. avatar Danny Lynch
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  2. avatar Danny Lynch
    sorry having trouble with adding pictures....
  3. avatar the_doctor199
    Here you go..
  4. avatar Danny Lynch
    much obliged :D
  5. avatar Danny Lynch
    Next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. avatar noelyg05
    We may be doing a surprise cover at this!
  7. avatar Danny Lynch
    actually eh steven...we might not...
    but we will have sausages for the DTs if they come down... provided by danny bradley...who, come to think of it, might also like to be on the receiving end of said sausages :D
  8. avatar Deestroyer
    Alas, poor Yoricks, Tuesday is our practice night. Although, you are fellows of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, so we might run down afterwards. And if you're lucky our gorge my rise at you.
  9. avatar noelyg05
    Free bubbly for the first 20 in!
  10. avatar noelyg05
    2 more sleeps!
  11. avatar MICROLIP
    Cant wait for this lads, get the bubbly in the cooler!!
  12. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Has anyone got a contact for the Varionis?

    If so, could you send me a message?

  13. avatar Danny Lynch
    PM'd sir
  14. avatar noelyg05
    I simply am lost for words to describe how excited I am about tonight, the lineup is stunning. If you havent already seen Microlip, check them out you won't be disappointed. Seven Summits I haven't seen live yet but they are getting a lot of airplay at the min and the Good Fight, well we all know how good a band they are and to have them at our launch night is a real honour.

    Be there 8pm, lets get drunk and do a funny dance.
  15. avatar Danny Lynch
  16. avatar Danny Lynch
    Thanks to all the bands who came and played with us last night, it was a great night made even better by the fantastic support and a great turnout, so thanks also to everybody who made it down.
    listen out for us on radio 1 ovr the next day or two hopfully with a brand new track!
  17. avatar MICROLIP
    Lads thanks for having us up last night, we had a blast. What a lineup indeed! Lovin the new stuff, that third song yous did is a belter!! Anyhow hopefully we can get another gig sorted soon.
    Good luck with the e.p.