1. avatar thefonz
    a friend of mine has started a 3 piece acoustic act and he is looking into buying a pa system suitable for bars and small clubs any advice of what he should be looking for in size and quality? and also lighting aswell?

  2. avatar Fernando
    I am in the same situation as your friend. I am soon to invest in a small PA for use as an acoustic act and also to handle some backing tracks. I have heard great things about the Yamaha Stagepas series and I am currently debating over the Stagepas 300 and Stagepas 500.

    I would also be interested in hearing from anybody who currently uses either these or any other simialar PA's in a simalar setup.

    (Not much help I know, sorry).
  3. avatar unplugged
    stagepas is a great system but def do go for the 500 not the 300. there is a big difference regarding headroom. especially if using backing tracks.avoid kustom KA systems as these have let me down over the years.

    stagepas are great and rugged and are very portable but id def go for the 500 and its worth the investment. have tried those portable peavey systems too and they are very poor regards headroom.

    stagepas 500 all the way.
  4. avatar thefonz
    cheers man looks the business good price aswell.
  5. avatar Gripper Magee
  6. avatar The Stav
    Aye, broke us over 300 sheets last month when our JBLs blew their gaskets.

    Its a pricey aul game- just get something that'll comfortably handle what you need. No more or no less!
  7. avatar flightstrip
    may i reccommend tapco by mackie powered speakers.
    i normally use hk audio bass bins with jbl 2x15s on top (now sold) but bought these puppies for smaller gigs and they fucking rock!have used them in decent sized venues with no probs.because theyre all in one powered units u dont need to worry about matching amp to speakers etc and they didnt cost a fortune.research them,well sweet!

  8. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    if you have the money i would definately reccomend a bose l1 system
  9. avatar Fernando
    I have done a bit of research on the Bose L1 online. The new L1 compact would be the only one which I could afford. I contacted Bose and they told me that Guitar Emporium have the full range in stock and set up to try out so I plan to get down there at the weekend but in the meantime has anybody tryed these systems and in particular the compact one?

    I would like to know if it would be suitable for what I am doing which is both solo acoustic and also a covers set with backing tracks and an electric guitar going through a multi FX pedalboard with amp simulator. I normally play for audiences of up between 50 - 100 people in small to medium size bars and rooms (think Katies and Aunties).

    Any experienced advice on these units would be greatly appreciated.