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    [size=200]Zombi Music Promotions[/size] & [size=200]Red Monster Studios[/size] team up to bring you
    [u:9e0e6f21c5][b:9e0e6f21c5]**Zombi Red Monster Battle of the bands!**[/b:9e0e6f21c5][/u:9e0e6f21c5]
    Three heats... One massive final
    17th January 2010
    21st Febuary 2010
    21st March 2010
    18th April 2010 - [b:9e0e6f21c5]Final[/b:9e0e6f21c5]
    ALL in [b:9e0e6f21c5]Laverys Bunker[/b:9e0e6f21c5]!

    [b:9e0e6f21c5]GRAND PRIZE includes[/b:9e0e6f21c5] -
    *Free recording & mix/mastering time with Red Monster*
    *CD Artwork provided by Umbra0*

    [b:9e0e6f21c5]Submissions should include[/b:9e0e6f21c5] -

    *Recordings of some description (do not have to be good quality - just to hear you)
    *Short Biog of band (how you formed, influences)
    *Any upcoming gigs (We may come down and see you!)
    *Contact details (So we can find you!)
    *Should be sent to - Zombi_Music@hotmail.co.uk

    [b:9e0e6f21c5]Closing date: 20th December 2009[/b:9e0e6f21c5]

    [b:9e0e6f21c5]Zombi Music Promotions[/b:9e0e6f21c5] have been arranging gigs for two years in various venues in Northern Ireland but hold regular gigs in Laverys Bunker on the third Sunday of each month. Zombi have worked with forty three local bands so far!
    [b:9e0e6f21c5]Red Monster Studios[/b:9e0e6f21c5] have spent the last three years working hard to create their studio in Draperstown. While spending time on their studio they have also provided sound for each Zombi gig. In 2009 Red Monster finally opened it's doors and welcomed Sweeney and the bull to their studio, providing them with quality service and professional recordings.
    After approximately two years of working together, Red Monster & Zombi team up to arrange a series of gigs, with the idea of benefiting both businesses and local musicians.

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    New Info... read first post.
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    Anyone else interest... gonna be great craic!
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    Get your CD in soon!!!
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    Plenty of time left folks... Anyone interested do get in touch!

    Looking for a serious amount of bands!
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    Full info now! Take a look!
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    Submissions closing sunday! Apply asap!