1. avatar loveisthelaw
    With the likleyhood of a postal strike, I am refraining from using ebay untill further notice. However I am in the market for the following, if anyone has them that they care to sell or knows anyone selling, send details.


    Nirvana- The story of Simon Simopath
    Anything by Red Snaper, Anything by Mahvishnu Orchestra bar Birds of Fire, anything by Dixie Dregs bar Freefall and Night of the living dregs and Satan Needs A Holiday by Anton Lavey. Will also consider likeminded items but no copies. Also consider DVD's.


    Heinlein- The Moon is a harsh mistress because I've lost my copy:( will consider other titles by Heinlein bar Number of The Beast. Also Venus In Furs by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch & How Many Freemasons Does It Take to Change A Lightbulb by Martin Faulks
  2. avatar loveisthelaw
    Also promotional items by Meinl and Absinthe and Lonley Planet guides to Haiti, Ecuador, Vietnam and Corsica