1. avatar Recycled Alien
    A solder joint has broken. Most likely an earth wire, and if so, most likely location is off the metal shell of one of the pots.
  2. avatar danbastard
    Hey, was trying to play my guitar yesterday, but there was hardly any signal coming out. With the volume up loud, some signal was coming through but it wasn't much, and sounded like shit. This problem wasn't present upon plugging in another guitar, so I've deduced it's my guitar. Does this sound similar to a problem anyone's had before? And can it be rectified easily before I go bringing it into a store? Cheers.
  3. avatar stevie j
    Cool, you answered him before he asked:lol:
  4. avatar danbastard
    I took a wee look in there and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but then again I ain't the brightest when it comes to stuff like this. Cheers, I'll have a harder look.