1. avatar gus
    [b:68c5fbf0f5]CONTROL ZONE,[/b:68c5fbf0f5] the reformed 1977 throwbacks, have a few gigs coming up in Carrickfergus, and are looking to fill a support slot in Carrickfergus on Saturday 31st October.
    We play old-school punk rock, but any genre welcome (except heavy metal w@~*#ers..).
    Or Mod ba@#*ards.

    Or any genre with the word "Christian" in it.....

  2. avatar clss_act_00
    Did you just copy and paste the same post you made the last time? Not enough response that time?

    Maybe because like me a lot of people will be put off but your attitude. But each to their own
  3. avatar JTM
    I wouldn't knock it - Gus and the guys draw a serious crowd every time they play in Carrick and are great at promoting themselves and the bands that play with them.

    Seriously folks, forget us and speak to Gus if you want to play at( or go to ) a packed out gig this side of Xmas!
  4. avatar Gigging NI
    I can vouch for the guys too - JTM is right. Gus and the guys from Control Zone pack the place out, every time they play. It's worth considering it anyway.
  5. avatar JoanneNicole
    Hi Gus


  6. avatar Michael Lilley
    Hey my friend. We cant play that halloween night. Though if you do hav a slot free there after. We would love to play!!

    Cheers!! Mik. Sister Marko. Myspace.com/sistermarkouk
  7. avatar clss_act_00
    [quote:e65b4fc85e="gus"][b:e65b4fc85e]CONTROL ZONE,[/b:e65b4fc85e] (except heavy metal w@~*#ers..).
    Or Mod ba@#*ards.[/quote:e65b4fc85e]I have no doubts they'll pack the place out, esp hearing it from John and Mark, i just harden a bit to messages things like that

    I actually agree with the christian bit funnily enough, obviously wouldn't suit the night and it was put quite nicely. And that's not even sarcasm

    Anyway, good luck, sister marko might fit well for future, miks got a good set of pipes on him
  8. avatar gus
    Yes I did paste the original post again - we have been steadily let down by SIX bands so far, one after the other.

    I'm sure they all genuinely meant it when they said yes originally, but all have fallen by the wayside.

    We still have 2 bands playing for sure - The Bankers and ourselves - just wanted to inject a bit of youth into the evening (insert Steven Gately jokes here)..

    I don't suppose everyone appreciates a bit of humour, or remembers the whole punk vs. everyone else antagonism of the 1970's. Throwing Mods into the fountain at Cornmarket..... ahhhh, happy days..

    Still, anyone who's offended is probably a Metaller, Mod, or Christian anyway, so they don't count.... :lol:
  9. avatar voidio
  10. avatar JTM
    Hey Gus,

    I have a ton of bands who'd be up for it, no messers. Would you mind if I asked a couple on my shortlist if they'd be up for it?
  11. avatar voidio
    hey gus, we are up for the gig on saturday. not sure if you got my pm reply or not. get in touch. cheers,