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    Within the next month or two I will be opening a brand new recording studio in Omagh.

    Logistics-wise, its a central location that'll be a 1 hour drive for any interest from the Belfast area, just under an hour away for any Derry based interest etc

    I'd appreciate anyone who may be even in the slightest bit interested in affordable recordings to express it now as I have a scary gamble approaching me - i.e blowing all my remaining budget on final essential pro equipment / leaving my day job to allow for 100% dedication.

    Enthusiastic to record any genre of music, all projects welcome. Acoustic, Rock, Metal, Pop, Blues, Indie. I am also fully trained in Reason software so even if you are a Rap/Hip Hop artists needing to work with someone on original beats, I can cater for that.

    I have a HND in Music Production and a Bsc Degree in Music Technology. I currently have part time employment as a live sound engineer for Omagh District Council. I have plenty of recording experience due to these aforementioned aspects, however as this is a new personal venture I have limited experience recording within my own facilities where so far I have recorded the likes of The Randalls, Tony Pope, Kevin Rotherham (singer songwriter from the Paperjays) etc. We all gotta start somewhere. As a result rates will be adjusted accordingly and I aim to offer very competitive prices.

    Equipment list includes:

    Mackie 1620 fire mixing desk
    KRK Rokit Pro Studio Monitors
    Shure 58's, 57's, Rode NT1-A's, etc
    Apple Mac 2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram, 1TB Hard Drive
    T.C Electronic G-Major Outboard Effects rack
    SPL Gold Mike Preamp rack
    TL Audio Ivory 5021 Compressor rack
    Fully automated BCF2000 motorised fader control surface
    Dual-Screen HD 22inch Mixing Display's
    Logic Pro 9
    Reason 4 (Many other major software packages and plug-ins)

    Marshall Mode 4 Stack
    Marshall VS100R combo
    Fender Deluxe 112 combo
    Ibanez JS1000 Customised
    Epiphone SG Standard
    Pearl Drumkit
    Ovation Elite Series 1778T acoustic
    Predancio Saez imported Spanish acoustic
    M-Audio Oxygen 49 Midi Keyboard
    Pro Keys Midistart Keyboard
    A bunch of stomp boxes (Boss, Jim Dunlop, DOD, etc).

    Currently just waiting for the right premises to become available, have my eye on a few at the moment - hoping to have the space to offer cheap rehearsal room with P.A etc for those in the area. Currently buying more quality mic's and outboard gear for the new upcoming move.

    P.M Me If Interested - willing to start booking ASAP.
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    many thanks to all those interested who contacted me. Looking good so far. Website url to be posted here soon. Feel free to PM with any questions anyone.