1. avatar jonesy
    We are putting on a Friday the 13th Bad Luck Bash local bands/performers night.
    If you or your band would like to perform please email sarah@blackboxbelfast.com with details of your band, myspace etc!

    Bands will get a small fee for performing on the night.
    Bands must provide their own gear. Sound engineer, mics, PA and lights will be provided by the Black Box.
  2. avatar lincsman
  3. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Please check your e-mails, thanks :-)

  4. avatar Roobzilla
    Emailed you! =]
  5. avatar uberglitterati
    We've emailed also!
  6. avatar TheVires
    emailed you. Cheers
  7. avatar jonesy
    thanks for all the messages everyone, keep sending in if you are interested. i hope to contact who we want to play by Friday!
  8. avatar jonesy
    anymore people? just making a last selection...may have to do two dates.....
  9. avatar spirit of division
    The Misaligned Men Of Automaton could probably do it...depending upon the controller. I'll fire you some mail later Sarah...
  10. avatar kinta1
  11. avatar thepostboxtheory
    which friday the 13th?
  12. avatar adi.feud