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    West Belfast girl Orla Lynch and Omagh born Owen McNulty have shot to notoriety in Belfast and beyond since forming Louisiana Joyride in late 2008. They've wowed promoters, press and gig goers with their stellar alternative country repertoire and a string of successful gigs in McHugh's, the John Hewitt, the Spring and Airbrake and Black Box have led to several radio appearances on Radio Failte, Feile FM and Radio Ulster.

    This show will be the icing on their anti-folk cake, rounding off a year which has seen them play high profile support shows with Jackson Cage, Dan Donnelly and Captain Kennedy. The band have developed into a four piece with added bass and guitar lending a fuller sound to songs such as "Whiskey", "Bitch" and "Kerb Sittin' Blues" which we've come to know and love over the last year. "The Journey Through" the bands' debut EP will be officially launched at this show just in time for you to pick up a pre-Christmas copy.

    On top of the release of this record, the band have been busy rehearsing with their new line-up, wowing sell-out crowds at the Coors Open House Festival and showing the indie loving fans of ATL a thing or two with a romping live session a few weeks ago.

    Thom Southern is playing this show at the request of Louisiana Joyride after winning over fans and peers alike with his songwriting and performing talent. The current line-up of Thom's band features his sister Lucy on vocals, Tony McHugh on Guitar, Luke Bowen on bass and Jonny Lee on drums and formed in Autumn 2008 after Thom achieved considerable solo success winning the Busk 'Til Dusk competition in Belfast. In February 2009 Thom and Lucy performed as a duo at the Belfast Nashville Festival winning the Katherine Brick Award for Young Songwriter of the Year. The band are currently working on their debut release "World Don't Shine" which promises to be a slick collection of acoustic and alternative folk.

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    Keep an ear out for the ATL session, probably being aired on 9th November and Ralph McLean might play a track or two on his show on the 6th.
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    Hey folks,

    This is an update on Louisiana Joyride Gigs and other things over the next few months....

    We recently recorded a live session for Radio Ulster ATL, including an interview on the roof of the BBC to be released soon....

    The lovely Will McConnell and co. assisted us in the making of an 'In Stores Now' video of 'Goddess' to be released soon....

    Interview for November's issue of HotPress, out soon...

    Upcoming Gigs include....

    Oct 24th Pavilion Thom Southern w/ Louisiana Joyride

    [b:b59ac69ebb]Nov 13th McHughs - EP LAUNCH of 'The Journey Through' - support from Thom Southern (get some four-piece action) [/b:b59ac69ebb]

    Nov 20th- Common Grounds - Just Orla (solo stuff)

    Nov 21st Sligo- Yngve and the Innocents Tour w/ Louisiana Joyride

    Nov 22nd McHughs - Yngve and the Innocents Tour(DUBLIN) w/ Matt Stansberry and Brantley Cowan Tour(USA), support from Louisiana Joyride

    Nov 24th Whelans - Yngve and the Innocents Tour w/ Louisiana Joyride

    Dec 11th Common Grounds - Louisiana Joyride

    Dec 18th The Black Box - Jackson Cage, Ten Gallon Hat, Louisiana Joyride and more

    Keep an eye on the old myspace for additional gigs over the next few weeks. Hope to see you at one of the shows, and feel free to purchase and enjoy our first EP in the meantime.

    Keep 'er country!

    Orla and Owen
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    despite the fact that i haven't had time to update the artwork for this we're very excited to announce special guest captain cameron has been added to the bill for the 13th november show.
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    Up the joyride!
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    or come on, join the joyride as roxette so wisely put it!
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    Tickets available for this soon....
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    [quote:4e1963f859="LolaDivine"]Tickets available for this soon....[/quote:4e1963f859]

    Now. In fact.

    or you can buy them direct from the band or behind the bar in McHugh's.
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    Right folks, this is just on the horizon - stage times are:

    9.30 Captain Cameron

    10.15 Thom Southern

    11.00 Louisiana Joyride

    Get down early, its set to be a rockin' night! Louisiana Joyride will be joined by a bassist and drummer - this is a rarity so catch it while you can!
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    tonight, tonight, tonight!
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    [quote:6d399957c2="LolaDivine"]tonight, tonight, tonight![/quote:6d399957c2]

    You doing Smashing Pumpkins covers now?


    Doors are at 9. Get down sharpish or you'll be left with that wee crap table in the corner that you can't see from!

    Also feel free to put in some decent countryish requests. I'm winging it on the laptop this week!