1. avatar infaded
    hi im 27 male from antrim area looking to start a alternative rock band ive been playing 8 years now my influnces r anything from pixies to stevie van raugh to iron maiden i prefer audioslave at times anyway pm me or send a msg to muneymad@hotmail.co.uk
  2. avatar NeverSayDio
    what are you looking for to start the band?checkout www.myspace.com/supernautstew and let me know if i can be any use
  3. avatar bluedeba1979
    Been in band for about 10 years myself. Looking to start up a band myself.
    I can play bass or guitar and sing, really whatever you need.

    Have my own transport and gear, e-mail declanbailie@btinternet.com if you wanna talk.
  4. avatar thunder2034
    hey man i song and play guitar, i am really wanting to start a band soon! asap! i'm into my grunge, alice in chains, nirvana, pixies, pearl jam and i really like audioslave (like a stone), if you are interested man message me back.
  5. avatar museician
    hi me and a m8 are from ballymena and wanna start somethin up , be great like , email or msn is gilchristbgj@live.co.uk