1. avatar deadmanshoes
    I'm a 17 year old musician, i've been writing songs for around a year and half. i've recently started a new musical project involving synths and a less guitar orientated sound. but i can't seem to actually write enough materiel and when i do, i write about half the lyrics and music then get stuck! and to make matters worse i keep thinking "that riff has the same rythem as the other one". can someone actually help me before i throw this guitar out my window and become a binman? btw in total i've written around 30 songs previous to this new project so maybe i've used all my resources up!
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Just battle on, I tend to find I work best at certain times of the day so try and just sit down to write then, rather than forcing it.

    (Note this time can often be 3 am)

    Also I find listening to music of a completely different type such as just pop radio or jazz while writing lyrics tends to defocus the critical part of the brain from what you are trying to do allowing the words to come more easily.
  3. avatar thefonz
    just do an oasis an rip off other bands, they do it better than anyone else.
  4. avatar Seamy ALB
    Do something completely different or new to you. I like reading about stuff and as Anto says its normally the middle of the night when something clicks.
  5. avatar tinpot anto
    Actually the absolutely best advice is to never self-censor or try and second guess the sort of songs you are writing.

    You may think of yourself as an indie kid/punk/rocker/popstar but the creative part of your brain doesn't give a shit.

    Songs, lyrics and melodies will pop into your head that are more suited for a broadway musical than a post-punk outfit, but what I've found more than anything is that you have to let them out in order to move on to the stuff you want to do.

    Even if its a daft radio jingle sort of thing. Craft it out, write a quick lyric and finish it. Record it someway just to draw a line under it and stick it in a drawer somewhere. Don't try and force it down in your mind to concentrate on the sort of stuff yuo want to write. I find that futile and the main cause of writer's block. You may be horribly embarrassed that you have such tunes in you, but once they are formed they need to be exorcised. :)

    As Oasis said themselves "Go Let It Out"
  6. avatar The Stav
    I know the feeling, I've been ah fuck it
  7. avatar flightstrip
    sometimes writing there with just a guitar aint enough.its good to get people together,have a jam and see wot happens.unless all your stuff is acoustic solo music or u dont wanna share the royalties with anyone else!lol.
    i find that sometimes its best to leave half written songs for a while,go back in a month say, and if u can remember it well,melody etc then its a keeper.works for me.
    of course spliffs and alcohol are great for seeing things in a different frame of mind.i like that method!
    good luck;)
  8. avatar Deestroyer
    I never get writers block, it all just, kinda, y'know like, sort of comes... like, um. Well, you know like, when. No, it's like when you, like, when you... sort of like. Like, you know when you, like, get writers block, well it's like, em, like.
  9. avatar chrisjedijane
    [url=http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/]This might help[/url]
  10. avatar BinaryOperator
    i find that sometimes its best to leave half written songs for a while,go back in a month say, and if u can remember it well,melody etc then its a keeper.[/quote:770c1e5840]

    Bang on. I have had songs that took years to finish, verses knockin about for months etc.

    They're all crap of course, lol.

    The band I'm in at the moment will be gigging soon so you can check them out then....

    There's one up on www.myspace.com/wearearctor

    that was a verse for over a year, before there was a chorus, the verse was recorded over a year before the chorus and the bits pasted in. Needs redone obv (the joins are v pronounced), but is good as an example of the keeping an idea for a while thing.

    Sometimes things like changing the arrangement of a verse/riff can also spark ideas. Home recording is great for trying out stuff like that.
  11. avatar palrub

    listen to When Blue Eyes Turn Green.

    The verse was a warmup acoustic thing i used to do for vocal practicing prior to any gigs, and the bassline was originally in a different key but worked well over it when transposed. The chorus had been flitting in and out of different songs and bands all that year and the middle eighth was written for a different song that i had recorded on my phone just for keeps but, again, it worked [i hope!]. the climactic ending was written that day in the studio - when you hear your song through a digital setup the juices flow back and creativity goes into overdrive and you add / drop / swap / edit here there and everywhere.

    lyrically? i tend to write down what happened that week and pick the best anecdotes, phrases and introspections. don't think i've ever wrote lyrics in a day. oh, and the don't have to rhyme :)

    hope that helps, as do deadlines! it's amazing what you get done when you absolutely must get something done!
  12. avatar palrub
    can't seem to get links a-working. that was meant to be www.myspace.com/theshotsmusic
  13. avatar Chris Madden
    well what i think helps me is, not to have a preconcieved idea in my head just write what ever is comming naturally, dont try and shape the words just keep writting, and also dont throw any lyrics away beacuse later on u may use them in an other song, i also find i write lyrics better late at night whilst watching the tv, but if im come up with something at any other time i always write it down,

    well hope this helps, keep writting!!
  14. avatar Crackity_jones
    [quote:17ed30c4dd="palrub"]can't seem to get links a-working. that was meant to be www.myspace.com/theshotsmusic[/quote:17ed30c4dd]

    Put http:// at the start of the link.
  15. avatar vtecrigsy
    Couldn't agree more with tinpot anto. To me he got it a nut shell. Good advice!!!
  16. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aufuwMiKmE

    and also this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERbvKrH-GC4

    might help. do or do not, do not try. ha.
  17. avatar deadmanshoes
    thanks very much fellas, i'll think i'll leave the bits of songs for a while and see if can put something towards them in the future!