1. avatar Stuntman Steve
    k, im running pro tools m powered which doesn't have a phase reversal option, nor does my hardware have a phase a reversal switch (basic i know). bein broke i cant afford anything else. i did read online tho, that all it take to reverse a signal in an xlr is to switch pins 2 & 3 at both ends of the cable. is this true? is this easy? it seems easy? seems too good to be true? all i wanna do in the next couple of weeks is record snare top and bottom, so is a soldering iron all i really need to fix this problem? any help appreciated
  2. avatar rl-vl
    the EQ plugins in pro tools have a phase reversal option.
  3. avatar Stuntman Steve
    i have no extra plug ins, just the basics that come with pro tools. none of the EQs that i have seem to have the reversal option. or should i be looking out for some special symbol?
  4. avatar rl-vl
    Wait, might be the compressors. I don't use Pro Tools so i'm not 100% on which one it is.
    I'm sure one or more of the built in plugins have the option, because I used it last time I used Pro Tools.
  5. avatar Pete
    From memory the "trim" plugin has a phase reverse switch, but I normally use the phase reverse in my URS EQ plugins when I have to work in Pro Tools. It's little missing things like this that push me towards staying with Cubase when given the choice, even though Pro Tools has distinct editing advantages.

    It is handy to have a couple of phase reversed mic cables lying around though but what you want to do is reverse the pins at just [b:179b6ea45e]one[/b:179b6ea45e] end, not both. If you do both then nothing is reversed!!
  6. avatar legitmik