1. avatar rentaghost
    We are looking for ACOUSTIC performers for our Friday night music events for NOVEMBER and DECEMBER (and some slots we have left in October)

    usual terms and conditions apply, ie:

    We can't pay you but we do feed you.

    All door money is given by donation, and goes to the charity the cafe is supporting (currently VWIRA MENTAL HEALTH)

    We book two acts for each Friday.
    Soundcheck at 6.30pm
    Music starting at 8pm

    1st set 30 mins approx
    2nd set 40 mins approx

    Please comment below OR email me if you are interested.

    If you haven't played the cafe before, a link to your music would be most useful.

    The cafe myspace is at [b:43b75f5e9b]myspace.com/commongroundsbelfast[/b:43b75f5e9b]
    my email is [b:43b75f5e9b]rentaghost31@yahoo.co.uk[/b:43b75f5e9b]

    If your band normally plays an electrifed set, have a think about how it might sound played acoustic, and get in touch if you think it could work. We can cope with the odd electric guitar or two....

    [b:43b75f5e9b]AVAILABLE DATES[/b:43b75f5e9b]

    23rd - Niall Harden + Shauna Tohill
    30th - (John Lindsay) + Ria Maguire + Wayne Carr

    6th - Gentry Morris (AGM)
    13th - Andrew Briggs + Maguire & I
    20th - Orla Lynch + Tin Pot Operation
    27th - Thrones of Roll (acoustic) + Matt McCrum + The Flora, The Fauna

    4th - Katie & the Carnival + Chamberlain, King & Costello
    11th - Louisiana Joyride + Dolbro Dan
    18th - Ria Maguire + Elle Stevenson

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  2. avatar rentaghost
    Only two slots left! better be quick!
  3. avatar rentaghost
    one slot left. 27th November.
    I also have one space tonight if anyone can play at incredibly short notice :)
  4. avatar rentaghost
    I'll update on Fastfude if any space becomes available in the interim.
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  5. avatar Stevie Mac
    Will contact you in new year about a UG acoustic set. Will probably take me that long to organize!
  6. avatar rentaghost
    That would be great Stevie.
  7. avatar drive by fader
    Can The Flora, the Fauna have 27th November? Please!
  8. avatar rentaghost
    For you? consider it done. I'll bring a shoehorn
  9. avatar 666Arcane
    Hi there I know this may be well into the cafe's plans but would there be a slot in the new year for Chris Mitchell www.myspace.com/musicbychrismitchell he can play by himself or with his new band Issue Zero acoustically obviously. Cheers Aaron.