1. avatar Motor Sounds Records
    Hi All,
    Being new to the wonderful world of ipod touch, I have found itunes to be sadly....mmm whats the word?.. shit.

    I have already trawled the google with no luck and was hoping one of you clever types help me out here?

    I'm running osX 10.4.9 on a G4 PPC ibook.

    *****Can I import into the device by album? meaning. My import options are by playlist, by Artist or by Genre but not by album, which is bizzare.

    for example: I am trying to import the soundtrack to Deathproof the only option that works is to import in the by Genre menu by ticking the soundtrack tick box but this automatically imports all soundtracks on my computer when I only want one soundtrack. Or I can create a playlist and import that but its the long way around I think and very un-MAC

    I hope thats clear, another example.

    I have 4 white stripes albums on my computer but I only want to import 3 of them onto my itouch. my import options again, are by artist which will import the album I don't want along with the ones I do.

    If your thinking, why not just import it all and don't listen to it the reason is my itunes libary is fricking huge and the ipod isn';t big enough so I have to be selective.

    thanks in advance
  2. avatar salfhal
    Select the option for your iPod updates that says - "only selected songs"

    Then the ticks beside each track will show you which will be added to the iPod or not. The easiest way to do this is to deselect them all then select the ones you want block selecting using shift obviously...

    I have a 85gig library and a 4gig iPhone so I have to do the same, but to be honest with you I much prefer using playlists, because you can view by album on the iPod anyways, i'm not sure what exactly you don't get?

    You realise you can view by Artist>Album on the iPod if you move your music via Playlists right?
  3. avatar fastfude
    why not drag the albums you want into one playlist, then only sync that playlist?
  4. avatar Motor Sounds Records
    got it sorted, thanks for the advice chaps.