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    revised prices
  4. avatar 17thMoon
    is the jcm600 a head or a combo? also are you into any trades for a few pedals?
  5. avatar andrew_208
    hey the JCM600 is a combo- 2x12, also known as the JCM602, as for pedals, it would really depend what pedals you have- but generally im not interested in trade deals, just sheets!
  6. avatar JoePineapples
    Alright m8 - where are you based??
  7. avatar andrew_208
    im in belfast most weekdays and portadown at the weekends, or i can meet u anywhere in between at select times and locations!
  8. avatar JoePineapples
    Awwww fuck it - I'm based up on the north coast - a tenner of petroleum & all that..
  9. avatar tbl
    Hi, is the JCM still on the market?

  10. avatar tbl
    no need to come back to me now...got an amp...
  11. avatar andrew_208
    man sorry hadnt checked this in ages! apologies- amp is still fs