1. avatar burnthecanvas
    Hey guys after sitting on these tracks for a month now we have put the opening track "Drilled Teeth, Broken Tailbone" from our forthcoming EP "It's A Blame Culture" up onto our myspace player...

    Check it out and let us know what you think...

    If you want to see it in full on 4 dimensions you can catch us ...

    Lavery Bunker - 21st October w// LTR + This Years Black

    INF Warrenpoint - 24th October w// Under Stars and Gutters + Pocket Billiards

    Radar Queens Students Union - 26th November w// Kasper Rosa + This Is Our Monument

    Point your side of the head listening devices to www.myspace.com/burnthecanvas

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  2. avatar Rosshunter
    Alright The Captain aren't playing the Speakeasy date!
  3. avatar burnthecanvas