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    limerick is Confirmed :-)
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    we'll be promoting a split EP we're recording with [b:f744f071d5]Beyond this point are monsters[/b:f744f071d5] while we're over, it will feature 2 new tracks, one of which will be taken from our forthcoming debut album due to be released on [i:f744f071d5]Field records[/i:f744f071d5] in 2010 :-)

    Beyond this point.. will be in Ireland in Feb too check their myspace for details http://www.myspace.com/btpamusic
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    just waiting to find out which Dublin venue we're playing and we're all set :-)
  5. avatar alrightthecaptain
    all the dates are confirmed now, see ya soon :D
  6. avatar alrightthecaptain
    one week to go....yeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  7. avatar JTM

    Get down to this.
  8. avatar Rosshunter
    Looking forward to this tonight!
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    [b:934dace7a6]THANK YOU[/b:934dace7a6] to everyone who came along to any of the shows,
    we'd a lethal time and will be back again in autumn with our debut album :D

  10. avatar JTM
    It was awesome having you all, come back any time guys.
  11. avatar alrightthecaptain
    cheers John, keep ya posted :D