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    whats this no opinions on fastfude?
  6. avatar fletch_belfast
    Are u for real?

    It's shit. Everything there is shit mate. Anybody that tells you otherwise isn't someone I'd want for a friend.
  7. avatar Belle
    Got to agree with Fletch.

    I'm looking at this objectively and ............I will try to be kind here..................

    Mate.......Its a great thing to want to be in the music industry and if you play guitar,,,,,be a guitarist, if you can play something else then please sell that to a band. If you are a songwriter then get folk to sing your songs.

    But I have to say here.....................sorry........... you just really have no vocal ability and I don't mean I don't like your voice as that is subjective. You just really cannot and I mean CANNOT sing.

    I fear if you keep this up you will lead yourself down the road of ridicule and people laughing behind your back.

    You just don't have it.

    Hopefully you won't take offence. I'm really trying to be honest with you.

    But..........all the best if you decide to follow your dream.
  8. avatar leesub60
    you can't fault the guy's consistancy, though.

    everything from madden (the band) to chris madden (the solo artist!) has been uniformly woeful.

    i don't know what else to add other than what i said on another thread of your's months ago. you, sir, are most definitely not a singer.
  9. avatar SimonC
    Here's an honest opinion Chris.
    Quit. Leave it to someone who has ability and/or the time and knowledge to produce something worth listening to.
  10. avatar belezabaub
    It is very difficult to listen to your voice subjectively on bed of roses because the vocals obviously have a lot of effects on them. I listened to the other tracks and can see that you developed a very classic rock style; not my cup of tea but lots of people like it. The arrangement of 1935 is very good. I think it is 1935 is your best song for the reasons stated and Every Day is your weakest, because it rythymically all over the place.

    In my humble opinion your singing lacks confidence; you aren't reaching the notes sometimes and your singing isn't great because you don't properly understand your voice. Everyone has a singing voice and you need to learn how to control keeping your voice in key and be confident doing it with lots of different types of songs.

    Perhaps concentrate for a while on just playing guitar and singing and recording yourself just by placing a mic in the room. Set up a drum beat or metronome or simple drum beat in your earphones and get practicing. There are loads of guitar chords and lyrics on ultimateguitar.com record them and listen back to them a couple of days after so you be more subjective on what you done right and what your doing wrong.
  11. avatar leesub60
    [quote:e9a6fb307a="belezabaub"]you aren't reaching the notes sometimes[/quote:e9a6fb307a]
    ...or any of the time?

    seriously though, double tracking your vocals just emphasizes the fact that you don't have a note in your head.
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    sounds like you have [at best] a guitar sound you could hone within a few months - but vocals are, being as nice as possible, probably the worst i've ever heard in all my life - and i'm thinking possibly this is what you're aiming for because there's not a chance somebody could post up a song like EVERYDAY [especially the screech at 3m04s] with the hope of praise falling on them. constructively criticising here.. take a gigantic step back from the mic and consider forming a band on guitar or bass duty instead. backing vocals require just as much attention to pitch, tone and delivery so i'd give that a miss too.
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    This thread brings only pain and the bitter tang of a broken heart

  15. avatar fletch_belfast
    Shouldn't that read Chris Madden..? Either yer getting sloppy or your cracked version of Photoshop stopped working. :064:
  16. avatar Orzo

    Get yourself a copy of this.
  17. avatar tinpot anto
    In all seriousness, don't listen to these cunts. It's not that you can't sing, you just can't sing like Jon Bon Jovi. Thank fuck says I.

    Find your own voice people like Ian Dury and Joe Strummer made a whole career out of not really being able to sing, as long as you've got an interesting voice yuo are comfortable in anything is possible.

    Walt away
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    I fear young Madden is already away to get the rope out. Brutal criticism there folks, but warranted I'm sorry to say. But walt away as anto said, you can only get better.
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    [quote:b644df3e5c="bottleofsmoke"]I fear young Madden is already away to get the rope out.[/quote:b644df3e5c]
    are you shitting me?! young madden's got a thicker skin than that.
    that's why he keeps coming back over and over.
  20. avatar Chris Madden
    fuckin right ne thick skin!!

    but i will get better youll see
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    [quote:bdf4cc60f8="Chris Madden"]
    but i will get better, you'll see[/quote:bdf4cc60f8] You'll all see!
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    [quote:c3f3d62764="Chris Madden"]remove this comment


    Jesus fuck.

    "Remove this comment"

    ... The comment was edited to that, asking mods to remove it, rather than leave it blank or confuse the thread.

    Also he removed his link so here it is for anyone who wants to cast opinion over the material.


    Issues to work on:

    * Timing of instruments
    * Timing of vocals
    * Holding note/key
    * Tone
    * Delusion
  23. avatar comprachio
    wow, 'brutal honesty' on this thread!

    I second what others have said, you just need to find 'your voice' rather than trying to emulate JBJ or Bruce Springsteen. They're two great and distinctive singers.

    You don't have to be a brilliant singer to be a, er, brilliant singer. You just have to know your voice... Strummer, Magowan and Wayne Coyne have done this.
  24. avatar Deestroyer
    I haven't listened to it, but are some of ya not being a bit hard on the guy? You're getting on like he's gone out to offend yas. If it's really that bad why not just be like, "not there yet lad", instead of all this "give up, you suck" stuff. Or, is there a back story I'm not aware of... cloak and dagger, skullduggery, top secret espionage stuff.
  25. avatar flightstrip
    far from the Madden crowd!
    Take comments onboard and improve.dont give up,i used to be really shite,then shite,then a wee bit shite,now im verging into decent territory.respect is due m8!;)