1. avatar Lost-Harlequins
    Lost Harlequins currently consists of 2members bassist and female vocalist and we need a drummer n guitarist so we can get goin. We have a couple of songs written between us. We don't want to be set in one genre but a few main influences would be Brand New, At the Drive In, alexisonfire, death cab for cutie, paramore, circa survive
    We are Belfast based
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  2. avatar DavidHill
    Check up pms
  3. avatar DeltaJuliet
    My first post!
    Hey, I'm a drummer and I'm interested. Have you guys got a place to practice? I've got my own kit and a car so if all I have to do get to somewhere, it shouldn't be a problem. Gonna have to be a bit ageist though and ask how old you guys are though?
  4. avatar Chrisvito
    Hey guys chris here. id be up for it . what age you guys ... !

    Cheers !
  5. avatar museician
    im a guitarist love alternative rock :) msn is gilchristbgj@live.co.uk hope to speak to you soon :)
  6. avatar Six Seconds In Dallas
    Hey, I play lead guitar in a band and our singer and bassist have moved away to uni so we're looking for a new singer and either a bassist or drummer (because our drummer can play either). There's more details on a post on my profile and links to our myspace so you can hear a couple of songs. Gert in touch if you're interested.
  7. avatar Zimnx
    My first post!