1. avatar Stefan_Fraser
    My first post!
    im 18 and play in a couple of bands
    id be up for doin vocals for either metalcore or deathcore in the belfast or bangor area.

    i play a few instruments aswell and i write music. (not so great on lyrics tho, need abita help with that)

    my main influences for vocals wud be: parkway drive, whitechapel, carnifex, sucicide silence.
    impending doom, Job for a Cowboy and so on.

    im lookin for a band that:

    - are awesome musicians (especialy the drummer)

    - have a decent place to practice and equipment.

    - Dnt live too far away

    - are willing to do a few brief covers, mybe some unearth or
    parkway drive (and not just smoke em' if you got em' kuz thats the song that everyone knows
    and i played that too much with a band i used to be in and i got fucking sick of it for a while)

    - knows wat theyre doin and are reasonably organised.

    - are a gd laugh and be willing to get fucked up and party after a succesfull gig ;)

    let me know wenever

    hit me up on bebo im most active on there :)

  2. avatar deadmanshoes
    ha ghee stefan.
  3. avatar KnossosApothesis
    Can we hear your vocals or something?
  4. avatar Stefan_Fraser
    ill see wat i can do.

    computers abit wreaked atm, fucked up the sound on it.

    ill think of something sure ;)
  5. avatar SITH_creations
    if ya haven't already...it would be worth posting on [url=http://www.metalireland.com]metalireland.com[/url]

    good luck.

    And as far as Parkway Drive covers go...I wanna hear Carrion!! :D