1. avatar pauldoherty
    Anyone heading down at the weekend? Seems to be lots of local bands in the line-up. The Vals are on Sunday at the Think Tank 8.10pm
  2. avatar Pavel
    Aye, there should be plenty of people down, myself included.
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Yep, I'll be there. Quite excited. Loads of great bands playing. And loads I haven't heard before but definitely want to
  4. avatar the_doctor199
    I'll be down on Friday, probably in The Button Factory. Stage times and venues for bands are [url=http://www.hwch.net/schedule.html]here[/url].
  5. avatar thecunnyfunt
    A Quick Nordie Guide for you fastfudians:

    A Plastic Rose are on in the Button Factory on friday at 9:20pm
    Here Come the Landed Gentry and Not Squares play Acadamy 2 on friday starting at 9:30

    Yes Cadets play Twisted Pepper at 8:15 on Saturday
    Cutaways play Academy 2 at 9pm and Escape act are at 8pm at 4 Dame Lane

    The Vals and Pocket Promise are on at The Think Tank on Sunday
  6. avatar Elms
    There are also a lot of bands doing acoustic performanes across Temple Bar during the day as well, Cutaways play an acoustic set in The Winding Stair cafe and bookshop on the Quay at 1pm on Saturday before the full live set that night

    Last year was great so should be a fun weekend again this year

  7. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes but Marty has been middle class for a few years now, surely? :026:
  8. avatar Big Homeless
    that really does appeal, lots of great stuff. WHo's the goatboy who is listed to play?
  9. avatar dolphin bombers
  10. avatar xfirefishx
    Ha, I didn't notice that Goatboy was due to play. I must make sure I go see whoever this is!

    Btw, I shall probably be running around this all on my ownio for the Fly so if you see me, please say hello.
  11. avatar goatboy
    [quote:2b4797178c="xfirefishx"]Ha, I didn't notice that Goatboy was due to play. I must make sure I go see whoever this is![/quote:2b4797178c]

    Well it's definitely not me, nor the Welsh band.
  12. avatar pennydistribution
    ah, hwch. good memories from last year - saw and met the cutaways for the first time. what a year it's been. so cow was 'mazin. good luck to the oul Yes Cadets!

    have fun y'all! I'll be watching from afar...
  13. avatar Chi-Lite
    As you well know, Chris, I've always transcended [i:8b74959909]class[/i:8b74959909]
  14. avatar pauldoherty
    The boul Vals will have a bit of brass on the go on Sunday with our new trumpet player. Style Council meets Dexy's.

    Call in and say hello, 8.10pm in the Think Tank
  15. avatar Elms
    The full list of the "HWCH and the City" gigs is up here :


    "Hard Working Class Heroes And The City will see acts who are performing at the festival take to the streets, record stores, bookshops and a few surprise venues across Dublin city centre. These special performances will take the form of free acoustic gigs over the course of the three days of the festival and are sure to be a highlight for fans of the best music Ireland has to offer."
  16. avatar Not Squares
    If anyone is in Dublin tonight we're on at 10.10pm at Academy 2. Here's a nice piece in the Irish Times online: [url=http://tiny.cc/e9pWR ]On The Record[/url]
  17. avatar xfirefishx
    Well last night was pretty damn great!

    Not Squares and Neosupervital were both amazing. Not Squares --- what was the new song you played? You probably played a few but you introduced one with 'this is a new song' so if you remember that one, what was it?!! Absolutely loved it! Neosupervital was so good. Perfect end to the night.

    Also saw A Plastic Rose for the first time (first song was great, the rest was all really well done but just not for me). And apart from that I also saw The Brothers Movement, Sergeant Megaphone and Heritage Centre. All in all a good night!

    And tonight representing the nordies we have Cutaways, Escape Act and Yes Cadets, yes?
    (I'm aware that I will probably be talking to myself here but hey!)
  18. avatar the_doctor199
    Just a heads up for any bands, the closing date for this years submissions is next Friday (30th). http://www.hwch.net/2010_bands_apply.html