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    [b:65113e94e4]ACP061 Shepherd - Riddle Of The Unflocked[/b:65113e94e4]

    Leading the flocks since 2008, Shepherd brings ewe spiritual guidance in troubled times. The mood is dark, grimy and the landscape desolate. Let Shepherd's hiphop and dubstep endeavors light your path.

    Music by Julien Itterbeek.
    Graphics by graphic non graphic.

    01. weavy
    02. 10%
    03. wack.a.fange
    04. kantknellt
    05. yekza
    06. the craneseeker
    07. ryhlkes

    Grab the EP for free from [url]http://www.acroplane.org[/url]

    There are some previews to check out on our website's flash player. Damn nice this one.