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    That sounds like a pretty great set-up. Nice location too.
  3. avatar Pavel
    What lighting setup/lights do you have?
  4. avatar jeff_M
    how much is it per hour to record in hear ? what type of bands have u recorded with we play scremo metal sounds intresting check out out see what you could do with our band www.myspace.com/newyorksarcasmmusic
  5. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Yes, some photography studio info would be helpful - photos / dimensions / pricing etc.
  6. avatar DaveT
    hey guys

    the photography suite is pretty big, like you could fit a car / bike in there. The room is whited out walls, white floor etc with backdrops. Lighting - there will be three static and three flash. gels and all will be included. Im also gonna have a sofa in there for general prop use.

    il have to get back with exact model numbers for lighting

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    Hey everyone,

    ive updated the list above with some new gear for yous to have a look.

    bookings are coming in for both, so i thought id just post something about the prices as people are asking.

    Rehearsal space is currently 12 pounds per hour, however discount is added in if a regular slot is booked. Normal bookings are 3 hours, however some bands have booked longer slots.

    Discount can also be provided for earlier day slots if necessary. Get in touch.


  8. avatar DaveT
    few slots here and there still available.

    if anyone wants to come have a look around too, that can be arranged.

  9. avatar DaveT

    ive started filling up for the new year, if people fancy a slot give me a shout!
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    This should be in a wiki page
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    [quote:dac4f8c79b="fastfude"]This should be in a wiki page[/quote:dac4f8c79b]

    oops il get on that cheers
  13. avatar tenrabbits
    Just to add - Dave's not only a really nice guy to work with, but
    the rehearsal studio is the nicest one I've ever been in!

    Having seen the recording setup too, I can confirm that Dave is
    a massive tech nerd who has put in a lovely setup.
  14. avatar DaveT

    hey everyone, myspace page up and running with pics of studio rooms and rehearsal space for those who have been asking


  15. avatar DaveT
    wee bump for this. About half of the 30 days worth of bookings are gone. looking to fill the other 15. Like i said its not 30 straight days, its the first thirty days of bookings taken!


    oh and some pics etc - http://www.myspace.com/blackswanstudios
  16. avatar SweetDickWilly
    I cannot recommend Black Swan highly enough folks. Nice big room, great equipment, fantastic location (if you're in Belfast). Dave is incredibly helpful and friendly and [b:caa36e5110]he knows his shit big time[/b:caa36e5110]

    Best practice room in Belfast as far as I'm concerned. Check it on out.
  17. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    hey dave,

    could you send me a few samples of your recordings?
  18. avatar DaveT
  19. avatar dubhdavidblack
    Hey Dave T and all~ hi from Portland, Oregon!
    Cool beans, yo. Your studio sounds like [b:2ffc6d6cd9]just[/b:2ffc6d6cd9] the place I'm looking for. I had Yakuza over here a while back to mix & am currently mixing some stuff for Dublin's Hassle Merchants. I'm hoping/planning to be over mid-April/mid-May for a fastfuder's wedding & would love to record/mix some other fantastic norn bands while over. Looking for a studio home AND bands that might want to work with me.

    Dave, I'm gonna email you directly about stuff; [b:2ffc6d6cd9]I don't mean to hijack your thread! (I'll gladly delete this post if y'd like)[/b:2ffc6d6cd9]and if anybody would like to hear some stuff I've recorded/mixed (Yakuza, Large Mound, an early Gossip tune, etc) feel free to drop me a PM here, as long as we'll be working out of Black Swan :)
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    My first post!
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  23. avatar DaveT
    pretty much full now guys, wee bump tho for anyone who missed the post