1. avatar ilovelamp
  2. avatar artyfufkin
    Don't go near the Vox unless it has the Celestion Blue speaker. I blew the speaker in mine a while back and gigged it for weeks with several different so called 'good' speakers but the amp just didn't sound as good so I ended up sending the Celestion Blue of to England for a recone and it came back sounding great again.
  3. avatar ilovelamp
    i dont think any of the ones ive been offeredhave the blue speaker, the brand news have the wharfdales, i dont think any of them have the blue. probbly if i bought a new/second hand cc1 id save up for the celestion blue, but i want to keep my costs down.
    The trade offered seems to have a decent speaker, and by virtue of its build quality is it nota better amp than the newer custom classic models?