1. avatar jacob89
    My first post!
    Hey moved over to Belfast to study and left all my musician friends behind!
    Im 20 and play guitar bass and do some vocals for bands back in England but have done sweet F A since moving here!
    If anyone wants a new bandmember or someone to jam with please contact me.
    Am in the process of getting all my equipment over but have stopped atm as currently have no reason to!
    My names Jay, have been gigging and recording for years now but am slightly out of practice!
    Please contact me!
  2. avatar Bileofwood
    Hi Jay

    we're looking for a new bassist. We're called The Hubris, played a lot of gigs so far to great receptions (see our 9/10 headline gig and www.giggingni.com )

    You can hear our rough demos here - www.myspace.com/thehubrisband - these were done back in June - things are a lot more advanced now.

    We have more gigs scheduled and plan on getting a lot more.

    We practise twice a week.

    Depends what sort of music you like - but I think we're a great option. We have classic songs and a great rapport.

  3. avatar conalowens
    hey jay, wer lookin a new bassist,
    we are a belfast based rock band , influenced by many music genres and after a breif hietus we are back writing and playing again but require a bassist , and preferably someone with no quams about back up singing. we've been gigging round belfast and outside for a couple of years now and are looking to up our game a bit.
    check out a couple of our old tracks on myspace.com/haveyouseenjanedoe and let me know sure
    all the best
  4. avatar museician
    hello id like to jam im a guitarist also :) msn - gilchristbgj@live.co.uk
  5. avatar conalowens1
    Yeah ide be up for a jam, sure give me a shout on 07549663340
  6. avatar Six Seconds In Dallas
    Hey, I play lead guitar in a band and our singer and bassist have moved away to uni so we're looking for a new singer and either a bassist or drummer (because our drummer can play either). There's more details on a post on my profile and links to our myspace so you can hear a couple of songs. Get in touch if you're interested.