1. avatar Shredragrammaton
    Im posting this to make those of you who arent already aware , there is a massive contamination scame going on with cannabis across europe and particularly in northern ireland.

    90% of cannabis you will acquire in belfast or northern ireland in general has been contaminated.
    It is either sprayed with powdered glass , insecticide , sand , silica , fibreglass or other yet unknown adulterants.

    Also available is dusty cannabis with a powdery coating , yet unidentified.
    Cases have now been verified where people have developed respiritory illness in only a few weeks , silicosis of the lungs etc.

    I know this may seem like an unusual post , but i have seen quite a few people from this forum and metalireland , smoking the contaminated stuff without even knowing what it is. I cannot stress how poisonous it is , donot partake, and educate yourself on howto spot it.


    peace out guys
  2. avatar gerry norman
    Damn you. Now I wana get baiked.
  3. avatar Recycled Alien
    Have you checked out the story on sceptical or urban legend websites; or do you just believe it because it's [b:59811b374b]on the Internet?[/b:59811b374b]
  4. avatar fletch_belfast
    ...and this is news why..?

    It's been well documented for decades the mountains of crap that gets 'cut' into the 'soapbar' that is sold on our streets. Anybody that smokes this poison is clearly unaware or just a moron.

    If you can't get grass in it's original form, don't settle for anything else.
  5. avatar electriccircus
    bless his cotton socks though...

    its true though, if you didnt know about this by now your abit silly.
  6. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Id heard about this as well, putting glass on weed to make it look like there was loads of thc crystals, where as youre actually smoking a crushed up pint glass.
    I also remember when i used to smoke picking bits of blue plastic out of my dope, those were the days.
  7. avatar thepalemonarch