1. avatar Garzo
    Normally any time I write something new I scrawl it on the back of the envelope, envelope gets mixed up with other random bits of paper, paper goes into bin, songs are lost forever. Yesterday though I was very good and wrote two songs that I recorded in my room. Instead of shying them away to myself and listening to them at low volume under my duvet at night I got the mad urge to stick them on the tinterwab. As a result I wanted to invite the brutal honesty of the Fastfuders to cast a critical eye over them and let me know what you think. Solo stuff is something I stopped doing ages ago, but now the bug is getting to me again. Are they any good? What bits are good/bad? What should be changed or added? That sort of thing. I need a fresh and unbiased pair of ears for this one... Cheers in advance to anyone who takes the time to check it out and destroy them.

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  2. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Im a bit thick, can you tell where these new songs are...
  3. avatar Garzo
    On reflection adding the location of the songs was a better idea. Durrrrrr.
  4. avatar electriccircus
    they sound brilliant!
    bravo mr harrison!
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    I enjoyed that. Clever words and nice chord changes.
  6. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Loving it Captain Garzo. Youre a man of many talents.
  7. avatar Garzo
    Nice one. Need to go and try to churn out some more then.
  8. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Strong Elliot Smith influence but that's no bad thing, you also look a bit like a Jedi in your profile pic. The songs are good enough to make me want to hear more, and sleep with you.
  9. avatar Garzo
    Elliott-Smith influenced jedi? Awesome.
  10. avatar 10rapid
    [quote:55d96ad967]Elliott-Smith influenced jedi?[/quote:55d96ad967]

    Be careful you don't fall on your lightsaber then.
  11. avatar Garzo
  12. avatar The Stav
    You look like you need a good wash, but the tunes are feckin class.

    Only critisism- too quiet.

    Turn it up! Bring the noise!
  13. avatar Garzo
    Yeah I should probably change that picture.