1. avatar deadmanshoes
    Indie/Pop band needs someone who can play Synth Keyboard. We're a new band with two members coming from a three piece who recently disbanded after our drummer went to England for University. We've written a collection of songs for this new project and trying to make our own sound and thats why we need a Synth Player.

    Influences are quite varied, raging from 80s to more recent acts such as; Gary Numan, Humanleague, White Lies& Arctic Monkeys.

    We will be rehearsing in Holywood (Outside East Belfast). Obviously it would be handy for someone to be able to make their own way up or if you live within reason we could pick you up in the car because we're nice ;D.

    We're all 17/18. This is a permanent spot so we would also be looking for someone to socialize with and become a regular face at house parties/pubs aswell as a bandmember, makes it alot more easier instead of the only conversation being about music.

    Anyway, if your interested leave me a email i_be_bad_now@hotmail.co.uk