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  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Fair fucks.
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  4. avatar Nocarsgo
    Fugging love The Q.
  5. avatar gerry norman
    Very happy to be part of this. Fair play to the WAR guys for trying to bring the two cities together musically. Hopefully it will be a success and continue.
  6. avatar thecunnyfunt
    amazing, i can't wait for this
  7. avatar kev
    Expect posters up soon folks!

    The belfast slot is generating quite a bit of interest! Keep em coming!
  8. avatar kev
    Updated the poster and a few details.

    This is thus far proving to be an epic night beyond anything I could have ever hoped!
    A LOT of interest expressed and generated!

    The final act for the Belfast slot will be announced before the end of October. It's not a competition or any bullshit like that. But please by all means keep the requests coming as this is NOT a one off. We really hope to give as many artists as possible the oppertunity to perform on as unique and big a showcase as we can generate!

    We will also be announcing the Bus details and taking deposits for a seat on said moving vehicle with many seats.

    Up tea!
  9. avatar kev
  10. avatar kev
    One Night For All are happy to announce..<p>

    <big><b>The Strait Laces</B></big><P>

    As the final act for the first leg. They will ONLY be appearing at the Student Union, Belfast. Expect a poster up soon.
    Cheers folks!
  11. avatar kev
    The clock be ticking down beautifully to the start of ONFA.
    First set Lineups confirmed, posters printed and heavy promoting soon to commence :)

    We are all really looking forward to it folks. hope to see as many of you as possible out supporting the scene! :)

    Up Music!!

  12. avatar kev
    Updated with the Belfast poster!

  13. avatar kev
    Getting closer!

    The bus is filling up quick, less than 20 seats left! Get in touch soon!
  14. avatar kev
    Advance tickets still available for this!

  15. avatar kev
    Bumpity Bump! This sunday!!!

    Gonna be a MIGHTY night folks.

    Expect to hear me on ze radio this week promoting ONFA! ATL, Electric Mainline etc.
  16. avatar theotheo
    this is gonna be epic!

    Derry, you have been summoned!
  17. avatar gerry norman
    Still can't get over this line up.
  18. avatar Nocarsgo
    Completely agree, Gerry- it's going to be sodding awesome.
  19. avatar kev
    Tomorrow brothers and sisters!
    This is the start of something really special folks!

    Stage times won't be announced I'm afraid. This is for benefit of all the artists and yourselves! You'll just have to be there for 7:30 and see what happens :-)

    up music!
  20. avatar hannah mcclean
    My first post!
    EDIT figured it out
  21. avatar kev
    This is TODAY folks!

    The bus is leaving from the student union @ 4:30

    See you all there!
  22. avatar kev
    What a fantastic night! Thanks to everyone who braved the horrid sunday evening blues to support the scene up in Derry!

    Great performances from everyone involved and an outstanding vibe to carry forward to the next leg in belfast!

    The 30th January @ The Speakeasy is gonna be pretty intense. See you there!

    Much love everyone :-)
  23. avatar kev
    Just round the corner folks!

  24. avatar kev
    Hey folks! Not long till this kicks off now!

    Skruff are no longer playing due to acquiring a new bass player, but, it's still a mighty fucking fine line up and of course expect Skruff on a future lineup :)
  25. avatar kev
    Bump.. Roll on saturday! :-)
  26. avatar DuncanDisorderly


    This Saturday!
  27. avatar kev
    2 days to go :-)

    shaping up nicely indeed!!
  28. avatar kev
  29. avatar kev

    Quite a vibe in the speakeasy at the minute!

    Gonna be a fucking cracking night!

    See you there!

  30. avatar kev
    And so ends the first leg of ONFA

    Amazing night last night folks! Fantastic crowd, Fantastic music and a Fantastic fucking vibe!

    A big thank you to all the artists who took part and over the coming weeks you'll hear some of the live performances from the shows!

    Also a big thanks to the Bruised fruit crew who were there on both nights helping with merch etc!
    Much appreciated folks!!

    Roll on derry! Details and lineup for the next leg of ONFA announced soon!