1. avatar Ric_vdb
    Can anyone recommend me a decent drum sequencer for Mac. I've been using ReDrum in Reason, but it's a bit frustrating and time consuming how you can only view one element at a time. Was hoping for something like Acoustica Beatcraft, but it isn't available for Mac - Any good alternatives?
  2. avatar comprachio
    For real drums?

    I use BFD2 and its great. Sound is truly staggering and endlessly tweak-able. Toontrack superior drummer is also very good although i preferred and bought BFD2 after comparing them for a while.

    For electronic drums and drum programming as opposed to trying to recreate an acoustic kit NI's Battery 3 is the industry standard. I've used it and its sounds are great but not suited to my needs.

    Download some demos and check them out or watch some youtube videos.
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I've been enjoying using Renoise for drums recently.
    But its a bit geeky
  4. avatar SHH
    If you can get it, EZ Drummer coupled with any of the add-ons or the famous Drumkit From Hell is outstanding, especially since you can move the MIDI positions to make the drums sound lifelike, and divide the kit into 8 channels, such as top/bottom snare, kick, room mic etc. so you can EQ them.

    Renoise is a complete beat, but better for glitch/IDM/electronic music IMO.
  5. avatar comprachio
    Superior Drummer/BFD2 are streets ahead of EZ drummer for real drum sounds imo but both are a good bit more expensive. Never used Renoise though.

    Same people make both Superior 2.0 and EZ drummer.