1. avatar Dotz347
    Guys we have recently aquired a new lead guitarist, who has really shaken up our sound, we are epically excited bout getting this on the road to support our new completed c.d. and just need a kick ass bass player / or synth player to complete the line-up! We have a 24/7 practice space availability down city centre, and are rehearsing already but the music lacks the testicals required at the minute. We are open minded about a bassist or a synth player as it could end up we like having both, so if your interesed in jamming with us and seeing how it goes please get in touch, either here or email me at darrendoherty@hotmail.co.uk.

    This incarnation of Tapasia certainly has the potential to make people sit up and take notice. Get involved.

  2. avatar SITH_creations
    for any heads not familiar with Tapasia...