1. avatar JennyHill
    Hope I'm not committing some heinous breach of forum etiquette with this non-music-related post! But this is the best outlet I know for reaching Belfast folks that I trust :)

    I'm getting rid of 300 or so 2000AD comics for sale at whatever you think is a fair price. Comics are from around episode 650 to 950 and all are in good condition. No plastic surround, but there are also a few Judge Dredd Megazines and a fairly hefty collection of White Dwarf magazines that I'll throw in for free. The posters and freebies from the comics have been used, but each one has been stored in a folder for the duration of its life and so is of better quality than many of its age.

    Need to get rid of these before my in-laws bin them.

    To be collected in Belfast (Casaeldona area). Let me know!
  2. avatar Player1
    My first post!
    I know I'm chancing my arm but if you're still looking to get rid of those comics I'll be willing to take them off you for a decent price? I'll check this site in a few days so if they're still there just let me know. Here's hoping.
  3. avatar The Ronster
    I got these a wee while ago, just so you know.