1. avatar electriccircus
    yes, in mchughs basement.
    underground, strange bands would be great. i like commercial, but something different woould be nice :)
    need a dJ aswell to have some dancing. someone who can play some industrial euro art rock tunes, abit of dirtyness.

    i may get it filmed. make a little movie out of it.

    Mr train and the electric circus are recording a record at the moment, 12 songs of mindless story telling.
    and we are beginning to play in and around where ever again.

    so if your in a band and like to play give me a bell.

    mr train.
  2. avatar TheVires
    We would be up for it. Sounds like its gonna be an interesting night, think
    that we would be able to add something to it.

    www.myspace.com/thevires. Let us know.

    The Vires
  3. avatar ThePenguin
    Don't know how strange and underground I am, but no one's ever called my music commercial. Or even likeable.
    If you've room for an acoustic act, consider counting me in Andy,

    Davy (McCann)
  4. avatar electriccircus
    just need one band. now.

    davy your music is splendid.
  5. avatar issuezero
    My first post!
    Hey IssueZero is a new act and we're looking for gigs, would love to be considered. We haven't got a demo recorded although our singer has an acoustic one here www.myspace.com/musicbychrismitchell....its a little of this....little of that and some rock.
  6. avatar abandcalledboy
    Hey, we'd be quite weird I guess. We'd be up for playing a slot with you guys.
    Check us out.

    B.O.Y. (Alt Rock)

    Cheers, Ryan.
  7. avatar JTM
    Did you get a DJ sorted?
  8. avatar Alabama
    Have a band and a dj that could fit - for the band www.myspace.com/ward12rock and for the dj www.myspace.com/paloem
  9. avatar electriccircus
    noo, all good but we need the last band to be wild, dirty and sexy.

    funk poetry rock...
  10. avatar senatorofcongress
    My first post!
    [quote:e2aff00001="electriccircus"]noo, all good but we need the last band to be wild, dirty and sexy.

    funk poetry rock...[/quote:e2aff00001]

    I think that we fulfill the above criteria. You can check us out at http://www.myspace.com/thesuspendedcongressband let us know if our services are required.
  11. avatar electriccircus
    all bands are sorted thanks for the interest.
    this will be a dirty dirty night.