1. avatar Revenge Therapy
  2. avatar boourns
    Nice to see such a diverse line up, this is going to be great!
  3. avatar kevinfreeburn
    so......is this defo happenin this this time?
  4. avatar jonesy
    definitely, probably, mostly
  5. avatar doggod202003

    If anyone hasn't heard Dalek before their like Sun 0)) WITH RAPPING. fckin immense
  6. avatar distracted
    I'm guessing this will all be over by 11ish? I'm heading to Tinariwen that night but would love to catch as much of this gig as possible, but looks like I'm out of luck. That is a great line up.
  7. avatar spirit of division
    this will slay.
  8. avatar churchwarden
    Stage times anyone?
  9. avatar rinky
    Can't decide between this or Tinariwen - Charles Hayward and silly festival prices will probably swing it this way.
  10. avatar Warren Drugs
    Yeah, any chance of stage times?
    Folk I know are coming from afar, wouldn't want them to be missing Charles Hayward.
  11. avatar mrginger
    bump for stage times
  12. avatar Crackity_jones
    Apparently (via Pete) Charles Hayward is on at 8.45. I know no more than that.
  13. avatar Crackity_jones
    This was fucking awesome. Charles Hayward and Dalek were both amazing.
  14. avatar welshchris
    I'll be honest. I didn't really get Charles Hayward.. some good moments but most of it was kinda like someone "special" working out some issues behind the drum kit before Dalek came on.

    Dalek were class. Shame there weren't more hippady hop fans down there.. anyway good stuff.
  15. avatar spirit of division
    This was amazing! Perhaps my favourite show this year so far! Would have been much better with a bigger crowd but that's the way of things...
  16. avatar Big Homeless
    yeah loved this gig, Very much enjoyed Charles Hayward, and a lovely fella, he chatted and drank, Dalek didn't really chat but very much enjoyed them, yr right Pete a bigger crowd would have been awesome, but alas...

    great gig, thanks for getting them over! lethal.