1. avatar RaveDisco
    Get yourself down to Laverys Bunker early this Saturday night where you can see two great local bands for a fiver.

    This month you can catch the alt-americana stylings of Queer Giraffes, not so much a band as an artistic collective that revolves around the delicate and bleakly comic songwriting of Steven Toner. With an ever revolving lineup that has seen members of Panama Kings & Seven Summits join the fun they never fail to impress. More than able support comes from the up and coming Farriers, a band that takes inspiration from traditional Irish & American folk music to create exhilarating and uplifting tunes with boy/girl vocal harmonies to die for.

    Price of admission includes entry to all access club EQUILIBRIUM, incorporating Deckadance in the Ballroom & The AU Room in the Bunker. Doors open @ 8pm. See you there folks!
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  2. avatar marshmalla
    i wish i could go... but i'm in Italy so i'll manage i guess... ") have a gd'un
  3. avatar deadonmusic
    Really loving Farriers at the minute.

  4. avatar JTM
    Heavily agree, you will be hearing a lot more about and of Farriers in the winter and New Year.
  5. avatar RaveDisco
    Just been speaking to the bands and due to a prior engagement the Queer Giraffes need to get away early so the bill has been flipped and Farriers will now headline. [img:18423e4052]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2426/3992854088_46571221b8_m.jpg[/img:18423e4052]
  6. avatar RaveDisco
  7. avatar Nocarsgo
    That's some sexy iWork '09 poster work there. :D
  8. avatar RaveDisco
    Thanks you! :) If only I could fit my whole life into a handy template...