1. avatar Will391
    Looking to get a a kind of post rock/metal band going, My names Will im a 24 year old guitarist been playing for 6 years or so have recruited a shit hot drummer and need to fill in the rest, considering 3 guitars very strongly and need a bass player as well.

    My Main influences would be ISIS, Oceansize, Parhelia that kinda thing music ranging from completely chilled and broken down sound to a massive destructive wall of noise. Im hugely abitious about this have lots of ideas up my sleeve.

    Im about 20 mins from Belfast so anybody interested in and around there would be cool, i have a place we can rock out etc, just seeing if there would be any interest in this? Can be contacted at captain.ahab@hotmail.co.uk. Cheers
  2. avatar thedevilsreject
    Hey. Can play Guitar or bass. Been playing guitar for about a year and bass for about 2-3 years. Im currently in a band playing bass but am looking to get another project on the move. I can write likes of acoustic easy listening but i mostly write speed/thrash metal sorta a mixture of Slayer meets Megadeth. The only problem is i live just outside strabane which is a distance to travel
  3. avatar Baroness_84
  4. avatar sidekick
    Sounds cool, I'd be up for giving vocals a blast
  5. avatar weston!
    Sounds great, I can play guitar, bass, drums and sing but would love to play guitar especially lead.

    No is 07753194628

  6. avatar Antisocialiser
    which side of belfast is it?
  7. avatar Will391
    Were based just outside comber? about 5 - 10 mins from Dundonald.

    Anyone who is interested pls PM me a mobile number and an email address

  8. avatar Will391
  9. avatar rawksheep
    Will, did you get my mail with my number? Gimme a buzz any night for a chat.

    I may know some other musicians who could be up for it too...