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    Mental Defficiency are replacing Escape Fails while they're (EF) away in England, on the Weld Tour. On Monday the 19th October, there is an All Ages Gig provided by Ossia Gigs in the Ivy Bar Newtownards with alcohol that can be purchased by an adult.

    The lineup is:
    -[url=www.bebo.com/Circadian-Bebo]-Circadian[/url] Classic Rock
    [url=www.bebo.com/Valkaine]-Valkaine[/url] Groove Rock
    -[url=http://www.myspace.com/thesecitiessurrender]These Cities Surrender[/url] Post-Hardcore/ Screamo
    -[url=www.bebo.com/mentaldeficiency]Mental Defficiency[/url] Comedy Punk

    For more info, go[url=www.bebo.com/gigs_ossia]here[/url]
    Hope to see lots there, as there always is! For the best in young talent,

    Ossia Gigs
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    Sorry bout this, but the date is actually the 23rd of October (Half-day in school, methinks.)