1. avatar PFX
    We Get Signal are almost complete. We need a male or female vocalist to join, rhythm, lead, drums, synths, and bass. If you can write your own lyrics that's good although doesn't matter if it has to be a collective effort.

    The music is a bit hard to pigeon hole. Guitar based, it would probably come under rock/electronica at a push.

    We practice on Mondays in central Belfast so if you fancy having a shot, drop me a PM or reply.

    I have one very rough track here [url=http://www.myspace.com/wegetsignall]We Get Signal[/url] which was stuck together in a hurry.
  2. avatar secondgenerationrocker
    I am a male vocalist aged 19. I also play guitar and write my own songs. Im more into indie and rock sort of stuff but the concept you mentioned sounds interesting. I would love to try it. Where are you based and where do you rehearse? Text me on 07732026502

  3. avatar NaomiS
    You know your singer already has a cool Moby vibe to his voice!
  4. avatar weston!
    Hey guys I'm Adam from the New Town of Ards, checked out your MySpace - bizarre. In a fantastic way. If you want me to be, I'm in. I know you guys want vocals which I can supply, but if you had room for another rhythm guitar or if you need any other instrument I could do that too.

    Let me know 07753194628
  5. avatar thunder2034
    allright man i have bin singing and playin guitar for almost 10 years, im 20 and need to get out there, if you want to meet to have a jam ill be more than happy to, pm me back!