1. avatar The Big List
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  2. avatar The Big List

    Good god, this will be brilliant.
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  3. avatar the_doctor199
    Great line up!
  4. avatar The_Martyr
    looking forward to seeing those shankers again.
  5. avatar sheriffjohnstone
    Damn Damn Damn! Same day as ISIS
  6. avatar The_Martyr
    Is that not sunday?
  7. avatar chuckbilliards
    [druels]... this is going to be dribblingly awesome
  8. avatar savagebilliards
    Oh yes! Big Gig keeps producing the goods, well done guys!
  9. avatar kev
    This will most definatly be the craic!

    Bring your grannys!
  10. avatar Strong Reaction
    Frickin' gig clashes. Grr.
  11. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Amazing line-up!!
  12. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Isis or this? Isis or this? I say this!
  13. avatar Bones
    I say Isis then rush up to catch adebisi. Black box should be over bout 11.30/45. That's my plan anyways.
  14. avatar The Big List
    Bump for line-up change announcement.
  15. avatar The_Martyr
  16. avatar edwin mcfee
    Just bumping up "the Big Gig 7- damien's Baby."

    Won't be at this one meself, but hope everyone has a larf

    Edit-bloody emoticons....
  17. avatar Deestroyer
    Each band have been telling me they're really chomping at the bit, and We Are Resistance are planning to lose it altogether. Really looking forward to seeing Axis Of again too. Can't wait!
  18. avatar The Big List
  19. avatar spirit of division
    For anyone torn Isis should be over in the Black Box around 11.15 / 11.30 tops...tickets still on the door too...