1. avatar marty mc
    sounds dumb to ask people but can you upload your bands music to face book??
  2. avatar Big Homeless
    It seems that if you uses reverbnation it allows you to link your music to facebook and other applications as well, bit fiddley but seems to do a good job.

    edit for link removal. won't work if you're not a friend.
  3. avatar salfhal
    Better to do what the guy above says as if you create a band profile you cant invite people or comment or anything
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    You need to make a "Page" rather than a "Profile", if you just go to the www.facebook.com home page, without being logged in you'll see a link for it.

    That has its own tools for uploading music etc, but is a bit fiddly

    The Reverbnation thing will allow yuo to add a "My Band" tab to each band members own profile, it's good to get on the go anyway.