1. avatar adamb1026
    Through a few long talks and the right timing, our band has decided that we would like to look into the possible of working abroad in the next holiday season (summer 2010).

    Has anyone had any experience of this or know any website that specifically looks for entertainment for foreign bars/clubs?

    Is it really just a case of knowing a friends, dad's brother who owns a bar in Salou? :)

    Any help would be great as we are considering this and trying to get it organized before next year's homeland bookings are confirmed.
  2. avatar artyfufkin
    This is slightly off topic but the following agency book bands into winter ski resorts.


    I've played in ski resorts though not through this company but by knowing someone who knew someone etc. I'm just back from playing on a cruise ship but again there was no agency involved.
  3. avatar The Stav
    The best way is to get over there (Spain/Portugal/Greece/Wherever), get around the bars and speak to the owner or entertainments manager face to face. The internet is only useful once you've spoken to the guvnors, then you can refer them to your myspace or whatever. A lot of Med bars don't have websites so you're better doing it on the old school.

    It's well worth a cheap flight when you consider what you can get out of it.

    I'm just back from Portugal with a few potential well-paid gigs in the pipeline for next year just from talking to folk.
  4. avatar adamb1026
    That seems a pretty good website, thanks for the link.

    Yeh that's true, just getting everyone organized for a flight over is the only issue and then eventually getting there, but then arriving and no-one is booking or looking for a 4 piece would be a bit of a downer.

    From what I've read on other forums, bars seem to want single or duo's.

    What are the bar's like for accommodating you/pay etc?. No figures of course :)
  5. avatar The Stav
    Maybe send one or two of the band over for a week/weekend of scouting.
    Stay in a hostel or campsite to keep costs down.

    I doubt many places would turn down a 4 piece band, just that yous'd have to divide the same kinda money between you all. Around 200-300 euros a night would be a fair ask, although you'd have to play covers. No chance of original stuff or you'd be out on yer ear.

    I'd go for Beatles/Stones/Kinks, that kinda gear, nothing too obscure.
    Bear in mind the punters are gonna be on holiday so they'll be lookin to enjoy themselves!
  6. avatar adamb1026
    Yeh, we play all covers anyway ranging from CCR to The Killers.

    We seen a great 4 piece in Portugal a few years ago in an Irish Bar, although the drummer was being a bit of a dick lol.

    That sounds pretty good, thanks for your help.