1. avatar SugarCane91
    My first post!
    Hello, i'm one half of an acoustic band.
    Were looking for open mic nights/gigs to play.
    If you know of any venues we should check out please let me know :)
    or email me RadioFriendlyUnitShifter-@hotmail.co.uk
  2. avatar LolaDivine
    easy peesy - Monday night - John Hewitt - Dominic O'Neill runs a pretty sweet open mic, in a bar that never gets the same crowd twice... and tuesday night - La Boca (Fountain Lane) Geoff Gatt runs a very different evening in cafe/bar, really nice atmosphere, eclectic mix of performers. John Hewitt - ithink you should be down before 9.30 but ring bar and check first, and La Boca is 8-11pm last time i checked. There is also one in Laverys back bar on a wednesday and whites tavern on a sunday - i think. You might do well to get in touch with KNights Night at the Pavilion, they are always looking new talent for open slots.
  3. avatar login
    Joymount Arms "Ownies"
    Carrickfergus, Thursdays 21:30hrs
  4. avatar DavySavage
    There's an open mic night in the Rosetta Bar every Sunday evening.

    [url=http://www.myspace.com/rosettabarbelfast]Rosetta Myspace[/url]
  5. avatar SugarCane91
    Thanks everyone :)