1. avatar meanmrmustard
    Looking to start a new rock n roll band in Belfast, members must be fully dedicated and committed. Looking for a fresh new sound to get Belfast excited influences include oasis, the beatles, the who, neil young, the verve, the stones
    Any ones who's interested Leave me a message as soon as posssible.
  2. avatar Airean
    hey man u guys prob wont want to split up but we may need a singer as well. vykrin r lookin for drummer and possible singer r bassist wants to do it but u know lol www.myspace.com/vykrin we play viking/folk metal lol may not be ur thing but we are 100% commited to this band
  3. avatar johnnymcclure
    Guitarist - 23 - been playing for 10 years. Been gigging with various bands since i was 15.

    Based in Ballymoney but could make practice in Belfast fairly regularly though would need some flexibility sometimes due to travel and cost etc as i don't drive and would have to get the train/buses etc.

    Influences include - The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Rory Gallagher, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival etc.

    My style probably best described as funky rock n' roll.

    Hate modern music!!

    Demo tape could be sent if required.

    Cheers, Johnny.
  4. avatar secondgenerationrocker
    Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - Heavily influence by most of those bands especially oasis. Would love a chance at joining a band of this nature. Where do you rehearse? Id love to have a rehearsal with youse to see if sparks fly :) Text me on 07732026502, cheers!
  5. avatar Six Seconds In Dallas
    Hey, I play lead guitar in a band and our singer and bassist have moved away to uni so we're looking for a new singer and either a bassist or drummer (because our drummer can play either). There's more details on a post on my profile and links to our myspace so you can hear a couple of songs. Get in touch if you're interested.