1. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
  2. avatar RaveDisco
    That is the SHIT :)
  3. avatar _electronaut_
    Same night as the Prodigy :\
  4. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Aeroplane & Mixhell added to the bill

    You may remember Iggor from Mixhell from his old band Sepultura :)
  5. avatar xfirefishx
    Oh this sounds brilliant. I can't wait to see Soulwax playing live again. And the 2ManyDjs show has become great with the visuals now. So wow, really good.

    Is there a booking fee if you buy over the bar in the SKitten?
  6. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
  7. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    anyone else hear the erol alkan rumours?
  8. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    any idea for stage times for this?
  9. avatar ShowYourBones
    20h00-21h00: Riton
    21h00-22h00: Aeroplane
    22h00-22h45: Soulwax
    22h45-23h45: Tiga
    23h45-01h00: 2manydjs
    01h00-02h00: Mixhell
  10. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    This is sold out now.