1. avatar Shredragrammaton
    Hey guys

    I was hoping some of yous would be able to tell me what this vocal effect is called, so i can get a VST version to use in my own recordings ;

    Its used on this track on the female voice at 3:25

    And also on this track (much more lightly) in the verses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK33rRjw0zI

    This probably isnt in the right section forsuch questions , my apologies . but any help would rock !
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    Is it not just a "telephone voice" with a bit of echo? Just chop off low and high frequencies, or even better, use an old telephone. Imperial Blether used to do that on stage.
  3. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    If it's what Recycled Alien described as the 'telephone voice' the last thing you'll be wanting to do is chop off the high frequencies as they provide the range for that particular effect as you're attempting to emulate a very small driver.
    Use distortion / overdrive and hi-pass filter everything below 250-300Hz.
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    The effect on the stratovarius track is surely reverse reverb (where the reverb builds up before the sound, rather than tails off after it) and some echo?
    It may be that its used in the other track, but I couldn't tell.

    To get the telephone effect you can chop the high and low frequencies, or use a bullet microphone (or a telephone), but I don't think thats what they're going for.
  5. avatar Shredragrammaton
    if you listen to the clip , the voice kindof echoes / delays into appearance , not telephone voice. Its an usual effect as the sound generated is heard BEFORE the lyrics, so im thinking its an effects applied AFTER recording
  6. avatar thesacredhearts
    havent listened to it but from the description is sounds like reverse reverb alright. sounds like maybe they have recorded a wet track and a dry track, and then cut and merged them appropriately to get a prelap type sound on the incoming tail.
  7. avatar comprachio
    some computer plugins can do an approximation of reverse reverb but they don't have the same effect as creating an actual reverse reverb track.

    I get reverse reverb by;

    - Creating a copy of the vocal i want the effect on.
    - Reversing it so the vocal is played backwards
    - Put a reverb on it and adjust it to 100%wet, 0% dry
    - Bounce the reverb track down
    - Reverse the reverb track
    - line it up with the original vocal.

    I'm sure there are easier or better ways but i've gotten some pleasing effects with that method.

    Some other nice things i've found using rev reverb is to try two different reverbs for the reverse, a short tail and a long tail so it sounds almost like one is chasing the other. And, at other times i've just reversed backing vocals with 50/50% wet/dry and left the main vocal untouched.