1. avatar IcebergEyes
    My first post!
    Have a question, is there any one who would like to play stevie wonder, Fontella Bass, Ray Charles, Prince etc. kind of music? I was searching for this kind of bands for 2 years, didn't find anything like that. I know it is hard to find people who likes this kind of music but if there is someone who plays this stuff or knows anyone who needs a singer to this kind of band, just send me a message I will be very glad to hear from you.

    Thank you.

    p.s. If you want to hear my voice let me know and I will send you my myspace link.
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  2. avatar infaded
    i like to hear your voice!
  3. avatar shiniru
    based? and are you willing to do other stuff too?
  4. avatar mikec84
    My first post!
    Hi Im a guitarist with a lot of experience and want to start some thing new in Belfast. I like stevie wonder and a bit of ray charles. but i got to be honest, im not too keen on doin prince covers. I want to starta blues, rock soul funk kinda band to jam and do some gigs. I'd like to hear you voice!
    you can get me at; mikeforest2002@yahoo.ie
  5. avatar IcebergEyes
    Any news, guys?