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    Hey guys!


    [b:1f728c952e]FourLive[/b:1f728c952e], the new gig night in Carrickfergus, wants your tunes to play at our nights in the Shadow Rooms, Carrickfergus! We want to play a majority of local tunes so if you want your band played in the background at one of our nights, follow the directions below:

    [i:1f728c952e]Pick one or two songs, not exceeding 10mb, and send them to: [b:1f728c952e]fourlive[ at ]giggingni.com[/b:1f728c952e]. Include your band's name and the song titles.[/i:1f728c952e]

    We are still looking for bands to play at our nights so if you, or your band, are interested in taking part, and haven't already sent us an email, fill out this form below and send it to: fourlive[ at ]giggingni.com

    Name Of Band:
    Genre(s) of Your Music:
    MySpace &/or Website:
    Contact Email:
    Contact Tel:
    Formed in:
    Where You're From:
    Best song(s):

    Can't wait to hear from you!

    [i:1f728c952e]Shadow Rooms, Carrickfergus[/i:1f728c952e]