1. avatar palrub
    had a gathering at our house in lisburn rd last night and some randomer made off with a bike in the hall.

    raleigh racer [thin wheels etc], white with orangey red strip motif. he came back with a friend of a friend and she hasn't been answering calls and her phone is now off [may have blocked number]

    we know his name's paul from willowholme drive or street or whatever in cregagh rd area, was wearing a red checkered shirt and navy jacket and was at union b4hand with 2 girls, one catriona and the other roxy. genuine enough fella up until said offense and may have been the long drinking, lack of taxi money, rain and bike sitting in the hall that prompted theft but there's no excuse.

    reward if returned. cops called for a statement and know the situation. doesn't seem the type of bike you'd leave in a street or pawn down the market so definately a keeper - a PM if anybody spots this eejit anytime would suffice even.