1. avatar snuffler_71
    Drummer available. Mid-30s, Belfast based and playing to Grade 5. Own gear and transport. Just want to get out there and play, so any reasonable offer considered, original or covers. Mostly played in punk/garage/rock genre but willing to try anything.

    Recent examples at:
  2. avatar redeye
    come and play with us then !!!
    when suits for a jam??
    ta Matt
  3. avatar Kingprawn
    Any joy?

    If you're still interested in getting something together maybe we could give it a try. Email me on andrew.curliss@yahoo.co.uk for a natter.
  4. avatar Action Jackson
    Awrite lads, I play bass and sing and the mate plays Guitar. We used to be in a band called Jim Don't Grin, and then Adventures In Audio but it went tits up as we lost the drummer. I think he's behinsd the sofa but he's really small and hard hard to catch. Anyhoo we'd be interested in getting together for a jam to see what happens. We're both in our early 30's but menatlly about 10ish. Both from Donaghcloney and can travel. You can hear some of our shite on www.myspace.com/adventuresinaudiorock let me know if you're interested. I'm Paul and he's Jason by the way.

    Cheers lad.
  5. avatar vtecrigsy
  6. avatar Kingprawn
    Myself and my mate are trying to get a band together if you're still interested. We're both in our mid-40's, Belfast based, rehearsals in Belfast. Our last band The Greeters did well locally for a while. Its all our own material (funk, dance, rock, soul) plus a few well chosen covers. If you're up for it it wont take long to be giging again.

    If you're interested pm me.